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Everything you need to know about Online Singing Lessons

Back in 2020, the Coronavirus Pandemic suddenly meant face to face lessons could no longer take place, and music tutors of all varieties had to find a new way of working. It was a brave new world as suddenly we had to navigate Zoom, and make it work for this very specific situation. But it was ok, because it was only going to be for a few week, right? Oh how wrong we were!

Central Song Studio ended up being exclusively online for well over a year, and we continually evolved our online lessons and tweaked how we managed them, turning our online lessons into an incredibly popular and effective way of working. We were able to make our online sessions as close to an in person session as possible, giving all of the value of a Studio lesson with the added flexibility of an online session.

When restrictions finally lifted in May 2021, we were of course delighted to see people in person again, however we were really excited about the opportunity that we’d created for people previously unable or less than keen to commit to weekly lessons in a Studio setting.

With online singing lessons, any good singing teacher will make sure you have everything you need to set up in advance. This can include sheet music, practice resources and worksheets. We always make sure to send piano backing tracks that we record ourselves so

we can eliminate any lag or technical glitches between student and teacher. This also gives you a lovely bank of backing tracks and resources so you can perform your songs anywhere, any time! It also became really clear that it wasn’t necessary to have any specific equipment for an online lesson, all the student really needs is a device with a built in camera and microphone. Which, chances are, you’re looking at right now!

What are the benefits of Online Singing Lessons?

So we’ve got your attention and you want to know just why online lessons might be right for you? Fantastic! The list below is by no means exhaustive, but explains just some of the reasons we think Online Singing Lessons are a brilliant way to build on your vocal skills. At Central Song Studio, we pride ourselves on trying to accommodate your needs, so if Online Singing Lessons are calling your name for a reason not listed below, please still get in touch and we can discuss options available to you!

1. Online Singing Lessons can take place from anywhere in the world. When we first went online, we continued to serve our local Central Scotland students, but there was scope to go much bigger! As our popularity grew, we started to attract students from the length of the UK, and now are very proud to be able to say we have regular students in Europe too. You can find your perfect teacher wherever you are in the world; location is no longer a barrier to this!

We know that modern life doesn’t always see us in the same place for very long, so many of our busier students schedule their lessons when they are away from home on work trips, spending time with family, or spending time living in another location. So long as you have WiFi or a reliable mobile data connection, you don’t have to take long breaks from your singing lessons when you are away from home. You can take this hobby with you while you travel, hugely benefiting not only your progress but also your mental health!

2. Online Singing Lessons eliminate the need for negotiating travel logistics, and you no longer need to factor in time spent driving before and after your lesson. This can save valuable time we all need in our day to get everything done, and helps to avoid missed lessons due to transport problems. For those without a car, getting to in person lessons can be even more inconvenient, and not to mention costly! Why not try a lesson in the comfort of your own home and eliminate those annoying added extras!

3. Do you struggle for childcare to fit in your own activities? This is no problem when you’re learning online. We don’t mind the odd interruption to your lesson to take care of little emergencies, or even just to wave hello to an inquisitive little face! We’ve even had parent/child duets on the go by the end of some lessons. Whatever you need to make your online lesson go smoothly while you look after the kids, we can make sure works for us too.

4. Central Song Studio Online Lessons can be even more flexible as we’re not tied to the times of a venue booking. We totally understand that last minute schedule changes do crop up and so we like to accommodate all eventualities. You can also fit a lesson into a lunch break, during a child’s activity, or around any appointments you may have.

5. Many of us know that singing is extremely beneficial for both physical and mental health, but sometimes the act of getting out of the door, or finding yourself in an unfamiliar environment can be extremely difficult. Online lessons are absolutely perfect for those who struggle with anxiety or who feel uncomfortable singing in the same room as someone else. Our online lessons allow you to be guided in your singing and further your singing journey, all from the comfort of a safe environment.

Lets wrap this up

As I said, the above list is by no means exhaustive, and I’m sure that you’ll even be able to think of a few more reasons why Online Singing Lessons could be helpful for so many people in so many different situations.

If one of these reasons has been holding you back, or you thought you might miss out on a really personal experience with an online lesson, why not get in touch and ask some questions, you might be surprised at what Central Song Studio can offer you.

If you’d like more information about Online Singing Lessons with Central Song Studio, or to get in touch with us about booking lessons for yourself, head to our Online Lessons page now.

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